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Meet Dasher

AGE: 80 human years old. But 20 Christmas reindeer years old.

HEIGHT: 3’ 5’’

WEIGHT: 290 pounds

FAVORITE COOKIES: Peanut Butter Blossoms


Dasher's birthday is on March 28th. He is 80 human years old, but only 20 in Christmas reindeer years.

Dasher is famous for being the fastest among Santa's herd of reindeer. When Dasher was younger, he used to race everywhere- to school and back, running errands for his mom and even when doing his chores. Dasher's mom used to say that he was born with one speed, FAST.

Each year, Santa sets up a fun field day for all of the reindeer in the North Pole. They play games like Hide & Seek, Red Light Green Light, and Tag. They also host different competitions like who can jump the farthest, run the fastest, and pull the most presents. In order to be in the competition, the reindeer had to be 10 years on (in Christmas reindeer years). Dasher was only 8 so he wasn't able to compete yet, but he knew when the day came, he would win the race for the fastest reindeer. Dasher got to the race early that morning so that he could be front row to watch the action! He ran alongside the fence as he watched the reindeer warm up. As the reindeer lined up to begin the race, Dasher lined up on the other side of the fence too. The race started and Dasher was off! He sprinted as fast as he could along the fence. He saw the finish line approaching and realized he was actually faster than the other reindeer in the race! The race ended and the winner was crowned "Fastest Reindeer in the North Pole" by Mrs. Claus.  Dasher was happy to see the winner crowned, but he felt disappointed that he wasn't able to compete when he knew he could've been the one wearing the crown.

Dasher watched the rest of the competitions that day and played in a few games, then he started to get hungry and decided it was time to head home for dinner. Dasher was at the dinner table telling his family all about the fun he had during the Field Day when he heard a knock at the door. He ran to open it and saw Santa Claus standing there. Santa asked if he could speak with Dasher. Dasher was worried that maybe Santa saw him running alongside the race and maybe he was in trouble! Instead, Santa had the best news for him. Santa told Dasher "I saw that you ran faster than all of the competitors in today's race. I need a speedy reindeer like you to lead my pack as I zip around the entire world in just one night. Will you join me and help lead my sleigh?". Dasher was overcome with joy. he couldn't believe that Santa wanted HIM to lead the sleigh. From that day on, Dasher has been a crucial part of Santa's team. His main goal is to ensure that Santa gets all of the presents to all of the children before the sun comes up on Christmas morning.


How old is Dasher?

Dasher is 80 human years old. But 20 Christmas reindeer years old.

How much does Dasher weigh?

Dasher weighs 290 pounds.

What is Dasher's favorite Christmas song?

Dasher's favorite Christmas song is "White Christmas". 

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