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Meet Rudolph

AGE: 56 human years old. But he is only 14 Christmas reindeer years old.

HEIGHT: 2' 4''

WEIGHT: 150 pounds

FAVORITE COOKIES: Reindeer-shaped sugar cookies

FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG: "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

Rudolph is the most famous reindeer due to his glowing red nose and his job as the leader of Santa's sleigh. Using his bright red nose, Rudolph can light up the path for the sleigh to follow. Rudolph was born in 1963 and was the last reindeer to join Santa's team.

Before he became the leader of Santa's sleigh, Rudolph was just an ordinary reindeer that was always bullied by other reindeer. Because of his red nose and small size, other reindeer called Rudolph mean names and left him behind whenever they went to play their favorite games.

Rudolph’s nose was bright during the day and had a bright glow at night. It was also bigger than any other reindeer’s nose. Sometimes to make it less bright, Rudolph would put dirt on it to hide his nose. Despite all the trouble he was going through, Rudolph was a good reindeer. He listened to his parents and every night he would wish that Santa would deliver good toys to other kids, even the reindeer that were always picking on him.

One Christmas Eve, Santa was preparing to take off from the North Pole, but the weather was very foggy, and the night was much darker than usual. It was so dark, not even the stars and the moon could be seen in the night sky. To ensure that every good kid got their presents, Santa suggested that they ride the sleigh low and slow, using the street lights as their guide.

He went and called his reindeer Donner, Dancer, Prancer, Blitzen, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, and Dasher. The fog persisted, and the night became darker. By the time they were leaving for the trip around the world, it was so dark that Santa had to use all of his skills to make sure they didn’t come crashing down out of the sky. This made Santa work slowly, and he feared that daylight would arrive before he delivered all of the presents to the kids!

Finally, Santa arrived at one very dark house. He could not see the chimney, and once he found it, he tripped and fell inside. The house belonged to Donner, who lived there with his family. The inside of the house was even darker than the outside. Santa tried to walk carefully, but every time he took a step, he found himself tripping on chairs or rugs. He wished there would be a big bright star to help him see so he could finish his deliveries on time.

When he reached the last room, Santa came across a smooth, red glow. It was bright but not blinding. Faster than he had moved all night, Santa was able to pick the right gift. Wanting to know what was causing the room to be so bright, Santa pulled back the covers and to his surprise, it was a small reindeer with a big red nose.

Just as Santa was ready to get back in his Sleigh, he had an idea. He went and woke up Rudolph. Santa told him that he wanted his help to deliver the gifts fast before the kids of the world woke up to find no gifts under their Christmas tree. Rudolph was honored that Santa asked him to help on his special mission and jumped out of bed ready to help. He left a note for his Mother telling her not to worry and went ahead to help Santa. Rudolph was asked to lead the other reindeer as he paved the way for them to see. Rudolph's dad, Donner, was so proud to see his son leading Santa's sleigh!

With the help of Rudolph's big red glowing nose, they moved fast and delivered gifts much more quickly than ever before! Thanks to Rudolph’s nose, they did not lose direction, and for the first time that night, Santa's sleigh flew gently. To help Santa pick the right gift, Rudolph would stand at the window and light up the homes. Rudolph helped Santa to work fast, and to his surprise, they delivered every gift before the sun came up.

In the morning, everyone in the North Pole heard the news that Rudolph had helped Santa save Christmas, and they were all so proud of him. He was no longer the small, little reindeer with the red nose they used to pick on, but the brave leader of Santa's sleigh.


Why is Rudolph's nose so bright?

His nose is bright red because it has a huge supply of red blood cells, making it dazzle during the day and glow red at night.

What are the names of Rudolph's parents?

Rudolph's parents are Donner and Elsa (just like the girl in Frozen, Rudolph's mom LOVES the ice cold).

How old is Rudolph?

Rudolph is 56 human years old. But he is only 14 Christmas reindeer years old. Rudolph is the youngest of all of the reindeer.

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