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Does Santa Have Any Pets

Does Santa Have Any Pets?

Does Santa have any pets? Santa doesn't own any pets such as a dog, cat, bunny, or fish like we do. His magic allows animals to live along side the elves, reindeer, and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus.

This proves that Santa actually loves pets. But do you think he keeps one in his house? As we all know, Santa lives with Mrs. Santa and elves. I have never heard anyone mention a pet anywhere. Nonetheless, I think Santa would be great with animals. But do you think his grumpy elves would also get along with pets?

Santa furry friend to survive in the North Pole must have a very thick layer of fur. Additionally, he must be extra good to get along with the elves.

Now, do you think that Santa has a naughty list for pets? The answer is "absolutely yes." Do you think your pets deserve a Christmas gift this year? Most people do not want to admit that their pooch should receive a lump of Coal this Christmas. Indeed, it is fair because your pet always makes you feel better.

What are the things that will make your pooch get on the naughty list this Christmas?

Being Vocal

Charlie Brown dog, Snoopy has been barking loudly in the house and outside. The neighbors are complaining about the noise. Despite of Charlie giving it treats it will not stop barking. Definitely, this Christmas he will be getting lumps of coal.

Does this remind you of any dog in your neighborhood? Maybe it is your dog. Do not write to Santa to exempt him/her from the naughty list. Just as you have been good to remain on the nice list, so should your dog. Therefore, let it learn a lesson by failing to get present this Christmas.

Mean pets will not be getting any present

Stacy bought a new dog, Bingo and brought it home to her cat Furry. Now Bingo has been chasing Furry all over the house. In fact, the cat has been staying on elevated grounds to avoid the big bully.

Definitely, Santa hates bullies. Bingo is on top of Santa's naughty list. I hope you have not been bullying other kids in the neighborhood because this will guarantee you a ticket to the list. Therefore, if your pet has been mean for the last couple of days be sure he will not be getting anything this Christmas.

Anti-holiday Kitties

Does your kitty love Christmas? Some of them just mess around with holiday décor. They play with the yarn they offset the Christmas tree ruining the celebration. This year, Brian has written to Santa to make sure his kitty is not getting any present. Why, you ask? The Cat ruined Brian's Halloween Décor. He had just left the house briefly to go to the grocery, when he returned the cat had trashed his Halloween Pumpkin. If you have such a pet, make sure to follow Brian's footsteps.

What type of pet do you think Santa would have?

Since you know that Santa lives on the North Pole, then you will know it is extremely cold up there. For a pet to survive such conditions it should be:

  • Well-insulated
  • Large
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly to get along with elves.

Perhaps you might be thinking of your dog the Chow Chow. I agree that it is furry, friendly, and intelligent. However, it takes more than that to live with Santa. The furry friend should be built to withstand harsh weather condition.

Maybe now you might be thinking he owns a grizzly bear. Trust me when I tell you nobody who wants to live with such a fierce beast. Additionally, bears are boring because they sleep for a long time. Everybody wants a pet to snuggle and play with every time. Therefore, a bear is out of the question. Below are some suggestions of pets Santa might own.

Siberian Cat might just do Fine

These cats are just a perfect solution for Santa's problem. Siberia is known for getting extremely cold but these cats survive in this environment. If we go back to our list of characteristics of Santa's pets then you will realize they satisfy all the conditions to live in North Pole

  • Strength- They are large and powerful and can weigh up to 26 pounds, thus satisfying the second condition.
  • Thick coat- They have a dense triple coat that is water-repellant this keeps them well-insulated and warm— the first condition satisfied.
  • Intelligent- One unique characteristic of this cat is that they are very intelligent. However, if Santa is planning to get one, he should know due to their intelligence, they also happen to be very good problem solvers, so it is very hard to hide things from them— the third condition satisfied.
  • It is playful and sociable- these cats are always very social and loyal. They always appreciate a good game and they are very athletic. They are always very good with children, so getting along with a bunch of Santa's elves would not be a problem.

With these unique traits, the cat would form a perfect match for Santa. Now a question arises; Santa has been very generous to us, who is willing to get him this furry friend as a present. Think about it.

Maybe the Reindeers might be Santa's Pet

I don't think so. Who would want to have those hooved animals as pets? Of course, these beasts thrive well in the North Pole. Additionally, Santa has limited options for pets. Do not get me wrong, Santa loves all animals. Nonetheless, pets should be animals you can snuggle and play with every time. Just imagine playing with a reindeer? Licking you with its leathery tongue. We will have to agree it is not a pleasant feeling. According to me, the reindeers just help Santa perform his errands. We will always be grateful for the role they play to make sure we get our Christmas gifts on time. Nevertheless, there is no way these animals can be anybody's pet.

What about the Penguins?

Penguins are very attractive and intelligent flightless birds. People always tour the South Pole to interact with them. This could make a good pet for Santa. But wait a minute—penguins do not like the North Pole and it happens to be Santa's home. Additionally, they love staying in groups. This means that if Santa adopts one, he has to put up with the entire clan. I do not think the elves nor would you love this very much because such a great number of pets would interfere with the process of gift making. Nobody would really understand that they did not get a present because Santa was attending to his pets.

What should Santa do to solve his Pet Problem?

If Santa is having trouble getting a Fido up north there are ways that he can always solve this problem.

Find a new home

There many places Santa could actually set his gift workshop. Just imagine of Hawaii? Sandy beaches, golden sunsets, the Tiki culture, and various fun activities. In this destination, Santa would have a lot of fun with his furry friend. But wait a minute? What if Santa would have fun and forget to make Christmas gifts. Then this destination is out of the list.

What about Africa? Vast Savannas, adventurous safaris and a warm climate. Nevertheless, a lion might eat him during a safari. Imagine, a life without Santa, this could be the most terrifying idea that can ever cross my mind. Therefore, Africa is out of the question.

What about Texas? It is a great city with great people. Oh! It has too much gambling. Santa might gamble your gift in the casino. Therefore, the answer to this is "definitely no."

It is now clear relocating Santa is officially a bad idea. It seems he is fine in the North Pole. Additionally, moving would make his elves even grumpier. Therefore, he should stay wherever he lives.

Leave his pet with one of his Friend

In fact, this is not a bad idea. Would you like Santa to leave his pets with you? This would be a good thing. He would be visiting even when it is not Christmas. Of course, Santa would not come empty-handed. This means more present for you. Additionally, you will never be on the naughty list.

Now that I have come to think of it, this is not a good idea. Imagine the feeling you get when you leave your pet behind. Is the poor pooch lonely, what if he falls sick—these questions cross your mind? The same case might apply to Santa. Importantly, nobody wants a distracted Santa. Therefore, this is not still a good idea.

We have seen Santa owning a pet can be such a complicated undertaking. For sure, we know he loves pets, but only few would survive on the North Pole. Santa has always been doing fine with whatever pets he has. Therefore, let's not overthink this issue and celebrate the spirit of Santa by giving.


Does Santa have any pets?

Other than the reindeer, Santa does not have any pets.

What pets could live in the North Pole?

Penguins and polar bears are pets that could live at the North Pole.

Could Santa bring pets on the sleigh?

Santa could definitely bring pets on his magic sleigh!

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