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The History of Santa Claus

The History Of Santa Claus: The Full Story

No one never really has Santa Claus figured out. A waning interest in Santa Claus is the ideal time to transition from the lore of Santa Claus, and explained that Saint Nicholas was, in fact, a real person from long ago. He was known for giving presents to children in his village, paying particular attention to the poor and needy. Over time the legend grew, transforming into the lore of Santa Claus that we know today.

The story of Santa Claus is real.

It Starts With The Forest of Burzee

The forest of Burzee is the setting of Santa Claus' Happy Valley. It is a great forest with huge tree trunks standing close together, with their roots intertwined, and their branches intertwining within itself, creating a gnarled canopy where the sun has a difficult time penetrating to the forest floor. There's a giant oak surrounded by green grass that is thick and soft as velvet. Fairies and other whimsical creatures populate the forest of Burzee. It was mostly uninhabited until Santa Claus built his house here. There is a legend that said that the forest of Burzee might have a link to the road to Oz.

The forest of Burzee is mighty, grand, and is an impressive sight to behold. For hundreds of years, the forest flourished in its magnificence, inundated with the chirps of busy squirrels and the songs of fairies and birds.

Santa Claus' Mother

One of the fairies that lived in the forest of Burzee was Necile. Necile was the adoptive mother of Santa Claus and was a fan of musicals. In the forest of Burzee, Necile's duty was simple — she kept wild weeds away from the growing bush, and she frightened away evil. When traveling along the edges of the forest, she came upon an infant that would be Santa Claus. When she brought the baby to the elders, there was a bit of commotion as to what they would do with this child. Eventually, everyone accepted the child, and it was named Claus by Necile and her friends. Actually, the story goes that Necile said that she would call the child Claus, but her friends refused and said that they would instead call him "Neclaus." The boy that would soon to be Santa Claus was beloved by everyone in the town. Although he might've been a bit mischievous, the young Santa Claus was quick to make friends with everyone. To Santa Claus, the forest was his world, and he had no idea of other humans that existed beyond the forest.

Santa Claus Growing up in the Forest of Burzee

Years passed, and Claus grew to manhood day by day. His mother, Necile, was a bit disturbed that he grew so quickly. Young Santa Claus had an insatiable appetite that went beyond the food and milk that the village could provide for him. His stout legs carried him into the center of the Burzee forest, where he was able to gather nuts and berries, as well as wholesome roots in which he stuffed in his stomach. It was kind of hard for Necile and the other inhabitants in the forest to understand the independent spirit of Santa Claus. When he would go out in his lone ventures in the forest, he will sing to himself, recite poetry about the woods and flowers, and help with the gardens.

One day the local master woodsman came to the forest of Burzee. He was a traveled man who has visited forests throughout the world. The master woodsman was so impressed by Santa Claus' stature and big size that he asked him to travel with him across the globe. The venture animated Santa Claus, who felt that it was an honor to travel with the master woodsman. While traveling with the masted woodman, Santa Claus will have his first encounter with the humans — the humans that he will eventually adore and make sure that they had their presents once a year.

Neclaus Claus And His First Encounter With Other Humans

While traveling with the master woodman, Santa Claus was able to look upon the faces of other people who look like him going about their daily tasks. Some were working, while others walked around the city square. Santa Claus was in awe.

But he especially noted the children. Some of the children looked downtrodden, with sad faces. When he looked at the children of the rich, they were not happier. The woodsman explained that childhood is a time of man's most significant content. But Santa Claus had a difficult time understanding why the children aren't happy if this was the time that they should be. When they finally returned to the forest of Burzee, Santa Claus had a lot to think about.

Santa Claus wanted to leave the forest and help the children. He didn't understand why humans were always sad and upset, and why they were too busy in life to take a moment to appreciate the things around him. This opened Santa Claus'eyes to his mortality, and he contemplated what his real mission in the world was. He wanted to leave a positive message, and aspired to teach everyone the power of giving. Santa Claus said goodbye to his adoptive mother Necile, devoting himself to the care of children around the world and try his best way to make them happy.

The master woodsman also blessed Santa Claus, saying that the forest of Burzee — including its nymphs, spirits, and positive energy - will always serve him.

Santa Claus Building His First Toy

He walked through the Happy Valley to find helpers because he wanted to create toys for the said children. While traveling along, he crossed a plain to reach the homes of a nearby village. Some of these kids were happy to see him since he was a happy, and jolly man with a kind smile. The children were very quick to play with Santa Claus. The village boys rode upon his broad shoulders and the girls nestled in his strong arms. Even the babies enjoyed Santa Claus who clung to his knees. Wherever Santa Claus went, there were sounds of children laughter trailing behind him. The sad faces of the abused and impoverished lit up for once, and the crippled smiles stayed upon their faces despite their misfortune.

Eventually, winter drew near, and the happy place that was full of flowers and natural beauty faded and disappeared. Snowfall finally took over the Laughing Valley. Jack Frost visited Santa Claus, explaining that he is going to bring about a blizzard in the area. Santa Claus begged Jack Frost not to bring his blizzard, as it could be dangerous to the children.

One evening while stuck in his cottage, Santa Claus picked up a stick of wood and began to whittle away at it with a sharp blade. Without much thought, he whittled away and sang to his cat. Eventually, the wood started to have the shape of his pet cat's head. This gave Santa Claus an idea. With some scale and thought, he eventually formed the body of the cat with the wood. The work cost him the whole evening, but once he completed the wooden cat, he placed it on his table and looked at it with adoration. Santa Claus had made his first toy.

Eventually, Santa Claus gathered a collection of toys that he designed with the help of his elves. He remembered his travels with the master woodsman, knowing full well that the world was filled with children. He longed to make as many journeys as possible with his gifts. He loaded a big red sack with all kinds of toys he designed, slung over his shoulders, and started on a long journey on foot. Each village that he visited cause a commotion, with kids smiling and laughing, excited for the gifts. Once the sack was empty, he revisited his workshop at the Laughing Valley and filled his bag to the brim. He kept revisiting and going back to his cottage to refill throughout the night. But the snow made it a bit difficult for Santa to travel.

One morning he saw several deer outside of his home, foraging about. He was surprised to see that the deer could easily walk on the surface of the snow without slowing down. Santa Claus opened his door and bid good morning to Flossie, one of the deer. Eventually he made a pact with the local deer, using them as a sleigh to help carry his bag of gifts to the children. The agreement was this — the deer will help Santa Claus carry his gifts to the children around the world, and the deer will be able to see the vast world, a wish that they had for a long time.

Santa Claus thought that none of the children that he visited will ever know the toys came from his own creations. But his deeds brought him fame, and many speculated about his activities. Therefore the inhabitants of kids all around the world were eagerly watching the coming of Santa Claus, conjuring up stories and writing letters. Many of the children asked their parents how their toys got inside, but many didn't know how to answer the question except say that Santa Claus brought it for them. Interestingly enough, many parents weren't sure how Santa Claus even got inside of their home. The secret was the home's chimney. Santa Claus had the ability to climb down the chimney, drop the presents, and then disappear into the night without anyone ever knowing that he made a deposit. Many parents will say that the kids need to behave well and pray to Santa Claus for forgiveness if they were ever bad girls or bad boys. But in reality, Santa Claus does not approve of such speech. The secret to Santa Claus is that he brought toys to the children because they were little, some were sad, and some were helpless. He loved seeing a smile on her face when they received a present on Christmas Eve regardless of the child's background, age, or belief in him. Santa Clause knew that sometimes the naughtiest children were actually the best at times, and the best of children were sometimes very naughty. He understood this dynamic, and he wanted to reward those who at least tried to do their best every year to take care of themselves and their families.

The Story of Christmas Eve

Many of the deer enjoyed traveling with Santa Claus, but some got tired whenever Santa Claus decided to travel during the daytime. He went to the forest to visit his adoptive mother Necile for some advice. He was able to meet up with the master woodsman. They told Santa Claus that the deer would be able to bathe at the forest lake, allowing them to have beautiful coats and beauty.

They all collaborated and made a deal to go out on the day before Christmas, on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus will be able to deliver the presents once a year and everyone will be aware of this significant day so no one will be surprised if Santa Claus has to stay out later in the night to deliver the presents.

Santa Claus has brought a sense of legendary tradition to many families across the world due to his generosity. While many of his children might've stopped writing letters to Santa Claus, they can help push forward his love of giving by being secret Santas for a younger sibling or for another kid in the neighborhood who may not be able to enjoy Christmas due to family life. Instead of leaving out cookies for Santa clause as a thank you gift, he would appreciate if the kids who once believed in him would bake cookies for elderly neighbors. As kids get older, the spirit of Santa is still very much alive. Santa wants you to take over his duties and spread cheer and generosity that he has taught to his followers around the world.


How old is Mrs. Claus?

Mrs. Claus is 227 years old.

What is Mrs. Claus' favorite Christmas cookie?

Mrs. Claus' favorite Christmas cookie is a sugar cookie. She has so many different cookie cutters and makes cookies in the shapes of all of the reindeer.

How long have Santa and Mrs. Claus been married?

Santa and Mrs. Claus have been married for 194 years!

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