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How Does Santa Get Around The World In One Night

How Does Santa Get Around The World In One Night?

Do you want to know how Santa gets around the world in one night? Well you came to the right place!

First I have to tell you that no one knows exactly how he does it. We do know that he is magic and we have some ideas on how he gets it all done in one night.

How Does Santa Get around the World in One Night

There are so many children around the world. In fact there are almost 2 billion kids like you on earth. the task of providing toys and goodies to children has even become harder, but Santa Claus keeps delivering these presents on time all the time. In the olden times, the population was much smaller on Earth and after the toys were made by elves at the workshop, it took Santa and his extremely fast sleigh pulled by the reindeer a shorter time to deliver the presents.

What has Santa Claus therefore done to ensure that he keeps on delivering toys and goodies to children all over the world on time during Christmas? That is a tough question, but Santa knows how to do it correctly all the time. With the great advancements in science, Santa's movements seem to be taking even a more positive shift. Combined with some Christmas magic Santa appears to be taking all this to his advantage. Santa is a genius in all he does and takes advantage of all possible situations to ensure that children are happy during the Christmas season.

Santa Claus is so magical and real, and he never wants to let any child down across the world. Before he begins his mission on the eve of the Christmas day, he will make proper arrangements so that before the morning dawns he will be back at the northern hemisphere. Santa is also aware that starting from sundown on Christmas Eve on one side of the international dateline (in Russia) and ending just before sunrise on Christmas day on the other side in (Alaska) will give him some extra time to accomplish his mission. This is simply because the benefit of being close to the winter solstice will provide him with some extra time in the Northern hemisphere before the morning dawns for the Christmas day.

Due to the different variations in time zones and international datelines and the differences in sunset/sunrise times between different locations and latitudes Santa will end up having 42 hours to accomplish his mission of delivering toys and goodies to all children around the World. Santa must be magical in all ways because, in those 42 hours, Santa will deliver presents to around half a billion households! So in brief, Santa has to do the following within those 42 hours:

  • Travel to each house that has a child, and that will sum up to 0.205 miles (0.33) kilometers) from the previous house-that is simply the average distance between the households that Santa visits.
  • He has to leave his sleigh outside and enter the house undetected and remember Santa does not make any mistakes when delivering the presents and gifts- he will not make any commotion such that you will not see him
  • Deliver all the presents he has and at the same time noting the children who deserve good gifts for their good behaviors and of course those who earn a load of coal!
  • Santa also has to eat any snacks left for him. His stomach never gets full until the mission to deliver the presents to children is complete, and each child is happy depending on the way they behaved all along the year
  • Santa then leaves the house undetected, mounts his sleigh and heads to the next home where he does the same task repeatedly. You can now picture a single older man doing this process for half a billion households within a single night! He is simply magical!

The idea that one person can accomplish all these difficult tasks within a single night seems a daunting challenge. In a matter of fact, those children and parents that believe in Santa will give testimonials of how difficult it is to pull a Santa thing even in one household, but Santa is equal to the challenge year after year. In fact, Santa is all smiling when doing the visits at night. The simple calculations mean that, with 500 million households to visit within the given 42 hours to do it in, that means that Santa has to use a total of 300 microseconds (0.0003 microseconds) to accomplish everything he needs to achieve in one household.

This older man must be super fast to accomplish the delivering process of the presents and gifts within such a shorter duration. That must be sounding impossible for a normal man with current science. But believe me, Santa must be the greatest scientist of all times and if you accept science, you should have faith in Santa.

Let us take a look at some of the objections you may have as regarding the possibility of Santa doing all he does within a single night.

i. There is no way Santa could travel in each household that first

That speed cannot be classified as impossible. By just taking a look at some of the vehicles that have been designed by humans, you will realize that after igniting some Santa magic to his sleigh, the speed is all- possible. At least not compared to the relativity and the speed of light. To move that 0.205 speed (0.33km) average distance from household to household, Santa will need to only travel at around 1,367 miles-per-second (2,200 km/s). That might seem dangerously fast as compared to an ordinary sleigh, supersonic aircraft, train or a car but you have to note that it cannot even reach a fraction speed of light and it is yet far much slower compared to the speed of particles that are
usually emitted by atoms that are radioactive, the sun or even particle accelerators.

If Santa Claus fuels his reindeer right and by the help of elves ensures that the sleigh is in the right conditions, there is no reason not to believe that Santa can make these house-to-house visits in a record time of only one night.

ii. There is no way an open sleigh and Santa in it could handle the heat and acceleration generated during the journey

The heat objection issue is a serious one here. The frictional forces of the atmosphere alone could be a disaster. The only things we are familiar with traveling at those speeds are the meteors and satellites that re-enter the atmosphere. If Santa would ride with such speeds on an ordinary sleigh, then we would expect him to burn the same way a satellite burns during the re-entry. However, Santa is aware of this, and there are ways he can protect himself from such a disaster.

  • He could have a heat shield protecting him and the reindeer at such extraordinary speeds and hence allowing him to travel freely in the atmosphere.
  • He could have such aerodynamically advanced equipment that can clear all the air on the sleigh way, leaving only a smooth breeze and hence ensuring that Santa has enough oxygen to breathe as the journey

The superfast acceleration is another thing you should be worried about. Imagine moving from 0-60 miles per hour within a tenth of a second? You would pass out or worse to happen due to the acceleration. Santa is not doomed by these constraints, as his mission is essential and requires him to be safe all the time. A suit that is pressurized well, combined with a turbine system that is biological and that has more power than a human heart, could easily do the job. To Santa, the happiness of children all over the world, especially during the Christmas holiday season is more important and worth of a little organ replacement to make him accommodate the extraordinary speed during the journey.

iii. How does Santa get into all these houses quietly and he never leaves any notable footprints?

Sometimes you might be tempted to think, how a big older man gets into the houses through the windows, chimneys, or any other entry points on homes. At least there would be evidence of him struggling to get through the vents most of the times. However, in the quantum Universe though, there is a limited probability that if you are on the other side of the barrier and run into it, you will not merely smash into it or bounce off. Instead, you might tunnel through the other side. This phenomenon of quantum tunneling is known to occur and should result in a finite probability of even microscopic objects doing so, albeit with very low likelihood.

iv. Could he Deliver Presents so fast?

The delivery of the presents does not need to take much of Santa's time. As long as he arrives at the respective house, the delivery time can be as short as possible. He only needs to get them from the sleigh, get into the house undetected, and release the gifts. This is the most crucial task in the whole process, but funny enough it takes the shortest time. So you no longer need to question the shorter time that is used by Santa to deliver the toys and goodies, he is swift, magical and above all, this is a simple task to Santa Claus.

v. The Eating of the Christmas Snacks

You see, this is logical about Santa! The pulling of the sleigh requires one to use massive amounts of energy, and this applies even to Santa Claus. Imagine dragging the sleigh for millions of miles and making stopovers in more than 500,000,000 households! This will require Santa to eat as many Christmas snacks as he can to facilitate his journey. The magical reindeer might not need eating as its magical abilities might take care of the entire trip but as for Santa, the energy has to be got from food.

Many fiction tellings are telling of the Santa story, where he depends on magic, technology or some helpers but that is for the doubters out there who do not understand the pure magic and power of Christmas. Santa has all it takes to do what he does in the spirit of happiness and joy to children during the Christmas season.


How does Santa Claus get around the world in one night?

Because he is magic. There are 2 billion children across the world, and that is a lot of presents he needs to deliver in one night.

What is Mrs. Claus' favorite Christmas cookie?

Mrs. Claus' favorite Christmas cookie is a sugar cookie. She has so many different cookie cutters and makes cookies in the shapes of all of the reindeer.

How long have Santa and Mrs. Claus been married?

Santa and Mrs. Claus have been married for 194 years!

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