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From Greece and Turkey to the Netherlands and Germany, Santa has traveled and made stories for himself everywhere in the world. Santa has lived in many, many places over almost 2,000 years, and he has met thousands of people while spreading holiday cheer. So many stories exist surrounding St. Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, and all the other versions of Santa Claus. But what about Mrs. Claus?

Everyone has heard of Mrs. Claus, but she's still quite a mysterious person, and many know very little about her. She is missing from many of the stories about Santa Claus, too. Was she busy at home in the North Pole, or did the stories happen before she was born? Just when did Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus meet, and how long after did they marry? Many of the answers to these questions are a mystery, though some have answers.

When Did Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus meet?

Mrs. Claus was born with the name Holly McBride in Washington D.C. on Christmas Day in 1792. Santa Claus first met Holly on her on her first birthday while delivering presents on the Christmas of 1793. He could tell she had a kind, joyful soul. Anyone who spent time with her could tell she was a special person. After saving her from danger on that Christmas evening, Santa promised to watch over and protect her. He did this from afar for almost 20 years.

As a child, Holly was well-behaved. She loved her parents and received gifts without fail. She loved Christmas and would even try to catch a look at Santa every Christmas Eve, but Santa's holiday spells made her fall asleep for the night before he made his delivery.

Besides being a well-behaved child, she took up many hobbies in her time. The future Mrs. Claus loved to dance, and she had an amazing talent for sewing and knitting. When she would knit, Holly McBride was always drawn to green and red yarns, which are the colors of Christmas.

During the summers, she'd go swimming in the Potomac River with her friends. Holly had many talents as well, such as being a great piano player. There are legends that she can't be beat at chess or checkers, and she can even play against two or three people at a time.

When Did Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus get married?

While she grew into a beautiful young woman, Holly remained single and did not date into her twenties. She was a dreamy, loving person who couldn't bear to have a wedding arranged by her parents, and she never met anyone who she felt was the love of her life. Others saw Holly as quite a strange person, but Holly stood by what her heart told her. She would refuse to get married for any reason besides true love.

It wasn't uncommon for Holly to sit out by the banks of the river and daydream about her future husband and their life together. She imagined many things, such as the home they'd have together and the family they would build. She was sure her husband would be a kind, caring, and jovial man. She didn't know just how right she was.

It was one day during the War of 1812 when Holly finally found her husband. The year was 1814. The British had gathered to attack the United States. One place they attacked was Washington, D.C.

The British forced themselves into the homes of the people living in the capital city. They ate their food and slept in their beds. Soldiers took over the McBride's house where Holly and her parents lived. After seeing how beautiful and special she was, one soldier demanded Holly marry him. He became angry when she refused his orders. Because Santa had put protective spells over her all those years ago, Santa sensed she was in danger. He arrived just in time!

After saving Holly from the soldier, Santa introduced himself to the confused Holly McBride as Saint Nicholas Claus of the North Pole. He told her that they had met before 20 years ago. Holly McBride was already in love with this mysterious man, and she knew in her heart right then that she had found her husband. Later that day, Santa told Holly's parents that he would like to marry her. They both gave their blessing and complete support of the couple.

Holly and Santa may have found a happy ending, but there was still trouble that day.

The British had failed at attacking Washington D.C. As they were leaving, they set the city on fire, putting everyone in danger. Because magic is what he does best, Santa created a powerful rainstorm. This put out the fire, saving the city as the British left to return home. The city was safe from attackers and fire, and Santa's job there was done. Back at Holly's home, Santa helped her pack and say goodbye to her parents. He gathered Holly into his sleigh, and they flew away together to the North Pole.

How Long Have Santa and Mrs. Claus Been Married?

On February 14th in 1815, Santa Nicholas Claus and Holly McBride became husband and wife, meaning that Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus have enjoyed over 200 happy years of marriage. In 2020, they’ll be celebrating their 205th anniversary.

How Have Mr. and Mrs. Claus Lived Since Then?

Mr. and Mrs. Claus have been married longer than anyone else in history. While they're both remarkable in their loving, caring nature, that's not all there is to their happy relationship. Both Santa and Holly Claus are good at communicating, and they think it's very important to understand each other. They talk to each other often and plan Christmas ideas together. Mrs. Claus puts her knitting skills to good use and makes shirts, sweaters, socks, and other clothes for children and the elves.

Mrs. Claus expected to have a large family, but she never realized she'd be like a mother to so many. The elves were all delighted when Santa found her, and it took no time until they loved her just as much as the big man himself. With Santa's magic sleigh, they take trips around the world together and watch how the world changes as time goes on.

In their day-to-day lives, Santa is always surprising Mrs. Claus with new toys he's invented and finding new ways to say, "I love you." On their first anniversary, Santa constructed the finest piano in the world for her to play. Mrs. Claus makes him his favorite cookies and asks for help from a few elves to make tons of sweets and candies for everyone to enjoy. She also taught Santa how to play checkers and chess, though no one is sure if he's ever managed to win against her. Every Christmas, Santa makes his millions of deliveries extra fast so that he can come home and spend Holly's birthday with her.

With a marriage that has lasted over 200 years, most would agree that it is one that must be a very magical one.



What is Mrs. Claus' real name?

Mrs. Claus was born with the name Holly McBride.

When did Mrs. Claus and Santa get married?

Mrs. Claus and Santa got married on February 14th, 1815.

How many years have Mrs. Claus and Santa been married for?

Santa and Mrs. Claus have been married for 204 years!

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