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How Tall is Santa Claus?

People often wonder how Santa Claus can get in and out of so many houses without making a sound. Everyone knows Santa has a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly, so how does he squeeze down those chimneys? And how tall is Santa anyway?

How Tall is Santa Claus?

Santa is naturally very tall, standing at around 6’ 6’’. However, he Santa is able to adjust his size at will using Christmas magic! That’s how he can slide down chimneys or get in through windows without any trouble.

Has Anyone Ever Spotted Santa?

A lot of children who have been curious enough to find out how Santa can get inside, even with his height and weight, leave their windows open on the night of Christmas Eve. Some also push their beds closer to the windows. This is because they want to see Santa pass by as he swoops through the neighborhood. Some even put Santa's food next to their windows to see if they'll spot him when he comes to eat.

However, Santa's magic has proven to be very powerful. It seems as if he comes and leaves in a flash because Santa's magic makes it so that children who wait up on Christmas Eve are never able to see him.

So How Do We Know How Tall Santa Is?

Santa wanted his mission to be a secret right from the beginning. His desire was to teach the world about giving for giving’s sake, so he never wanted to take any credit.

Even so, Santa’s Christmas mission was so special that he couldn’t stop people from wanting to show their gratitude for his kindness. Since then, many people have met Santa Claus on his journeys and several of them have taken or drawn pictures of how Santa looks.

So, even though Santa uses Christmas magic to keep himself hidden on Christmas Eve, we know Santa is a tall, round, and very jolly man!

Why Doesn’t Santa Want You to Catch Him on Christmas Eve?

Many children wonder why they talk with Santa when it’s time to take Christmas pictures, but they can’t catch him on Christmas Eve. If people already know who Santa is and what he looks like, why does he use magic to make sure kids don’t see him on Christmas Eve?

Well, the simple answer is that Santa is so busy on Christmas Eve that, even though he would like to talk to every good boy and girl, he simply doesn’t have the time. Santa and his reindeer have to work their absolute hardest to complete their Christmas mission every year, so aside from stopping to eat some milk and cookies, Santa can’t afford to spare a single second if he’s going to make sure that every good boy and girl have presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

If you’re planning on staying up on Christmas Eve to catch Santa, you’d be better off leaving him a note with his milk and cookies, because thanks to Christmas magic, he’s going to be in and out of your house in a flash!


How tall is Santa?

Santa is 6'6'', but can adjust his size when he needs to by using Christmas magic!

Has anyone ever seen Santa?

Santa has never been seen because his magic makes it so that children who wait up on Christmas Eve are never able to see him.

Why doesn't Santa want to be seen?

Santa doesn't want to be seen because he never wanted to take any credit for leaving gifts-It was his goal to teach the world about giving for giving's sake. That is why his mission was supposed to be a secret from the beginning!

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