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What Are Frosty the Snowman’s First Words?

Not many people know that Christmas snow is one of the most magical parts of winter. Every year, many children build snowmen and wish they could come to life. One very special Christmas Eve, thanks to a little magic, a snowman named Frosty really did come to life.

Professor Hinkle’s Magic Hat

Years ago, a small town in America woke up on Christmas Eve to find a fresh layer of snow. The local elementary school was holding a Christmas party and invited a magician named Professor Hinkle to come do magic for the students. Sadly, Professor Hinkle was not a very good magician. Every trick he tried failed and all of the children laughed at him.

Feeling embarrassed and angry, Professor Hinkle threw away his hat after failing to pull out his rabbit Hocus-Pocus. But what he didn't realize was that his old magician’s hat was magic. After class, the children all went outside to play.

Building Frosty

After a bit of playing in the snow, a group of children decided to build a snowman. They built him big and taller than any of the other children. They made his face using shiny black rocks for his eyes, a pipe for a mouth and wrapped a scarf around his neck. The children wondered what to name their new snowman, until a girl named Karen suggested they call him Frosty.

Just then, Hocus-Pocus the rabbit came hopping by in his magician's hat as a big gust of wind blew. It picked up Hocus Pocus and his hat and blew them into the children. Karen bent down to pick up the hat and put it on Frosty as the finishing touch.

What Are Frosty The Snowman’s First Words?

Through the magic of Professor Hinkle’s old hat, Frosty was brought to life. As his eyes opened for the first time he yelled out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Karen tells the other children that Professor Hinkle’s hat must be magic, just in time for the mean old magician. Professor Hinkle was very surprised to learn that his hat was actually magic. He realized that with a hat like his, he could make a lot of money and took his hat back.

As soon as he did, Frosty went back to being a regular snowman and the children were very sad that their new playmate could no longer talk to them.

But rabbits are very tricky creatures. Hocus-Pocus knew that what Professor Hinkle had done was wrong so he took the hat and hopped it back to the children. The children were so happy when they put the magic hat back on Frosty’s head and saw him come back to life.

Getting to the North Pole

But when Frosty looked up to the sky. He saw the sun hanging, bright and warm. He knew he did not have long left before he melted away. When he told the children he didn’t have much time left, they were sad at the thought of losing their new friend.

Wanting to save Frosty from melting, the children decide to take Frosty to the North Pole where the snow never melts. They planned to put Frosty onto the very next train going north. Even though they would be sad to say goodbye to their friend, they knew they needed to help Frosty get somewhere cold.

Frosty led all of the children on a parade through town to the train station. Every grown up in town was shocked to see a live snowman. One policeman was so surprised he even swallowed his traffic whistle! When they finally got to the train station, the children got more bad news: they couldn’t afford a train ticket all the way to the North Pole.

Knowing Frosty didn’t have time to waste, the children snuck into the train and found a refrigerated car to help keep Frosty cool. Wanting to make sure he got to the North Pole safe, Karen and Hocus-Pocus came with Frosty. Just before the train left town Professor Hinkle snuck under the train to try and take his hat back.

Though the refrigerated car was perfect for Frosty, Karen, was getting very cold as the train headed North. Frosty knew that if she stayed cold for too long, she would get very sick. So, when the train stopped, they all got off and Professor Hinkle followed them close behind.

Frosty and Hocus-Pocus looked for somewhere to warm Karen up, but before long they found themselves in the middle of the forest. Hocus-Pocus is able to get help from the animals of the forest who build a camp fire for Karen. Afraid that Karen won’t last much longer in the cold, Frosty asks Hocus-Pocus to go find Santa Claus and ask for his help.

While Hocus-Pocus looked for Santa, Professor Hinkle extinguished Karen's fire and tried to steal the hat again. Karen and Frosty ran into the woods to get away and soon found a warm greenhouse filled with Christmas poinsettias.

Even though Karen was afraid that Frosty would melt, Frosty said it was more important for Karen to stay warm and that he could stand to lose a little weight while she warmed up. Professor Hinkle eventually caught up with them and locked them inside the greenhouse. When Hocus-Pocus arrived with Santa Claus, they found Karen crying over the melted puddle that had once been Frosty.

Santa tells Karen that because Frosty was made of Christmas magic, he could never permanently die. Every year, he said, Frosty would come back. To prove this, Santa used his own magic to bring Frosty back to life and made Professor Hinkle apologize for being so mean.

And so, every year, in a very special town Frosty the Snowman comes back to entertain all the good little boys and girls who are waiting for Santa Claus.



What were Frosty the Snowman's first words?

Frosty's first words were "Happy Birthday!".

What did the children use to build Frosty the Snowman?

The children built Frosty by first building a big and tall snowman. Then they used black rocks for his eyes, a pipe for his mouth, put a scarf around his neck, and placed Professor Hinkle's magic hat on his head, which brought Frosty to life!

Can Frosty the Snowman ever permanently melt?

Frosty can never melt for good because he is made of Christmas magic. Every year, Frosty comes back to entertain all the good children waiting for Santa Claus! 

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