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What Are the Names of Santa's Reindeer?

Santa's Reindeer Names

Every Christmas Eve, children around the world go to bed knowing Santa will come and leave them a gift under the Christmas tree. But how does Santa move so fast that he manages to cover all the world in just one night? It's all thanks to his magical reindeer.

Santa has a total of nine reindeer that help him travel around the world on Christmas Eve. At first, Santa had only eight reindeer, but Rudolph was added to help guide his sleigh and make his trips even faster. Kids are always wondering, what are all of Santa's reindeer names?

Let's learn more about who the reindeer are and what makes each one special and fun:


All other reindeer aspire to be like Prancer because he is strong, smart, and always has a clean and shiny coat. Prancer is cool under pressure and always keeps his calm, even in stressful situations. Prancer is so light on his hooves that he almost appears to be dancing (like his twin sister Dancer) as he moves through the snow and air.


What kids don't know about Vixen is that she is one of the oldest of the reindeer. She's known to be a calm, cool, and beautiful reindeer who's filled with confidence. Vixen never brags, and she's also good at paying attention and listening to what others are saying, especially Santa. Vixen can also be tricky, so it makes sense that her skill is magic. If a child is looking for a reindeer that can make magical moves, then Vixen is the reindeer to look for on Christmas Eve.


Just like the name suggests, Dancer is an outgoing reindeer who keeps the whole team happy. That's because this reindeer is always ready to bust a move and lift other’s spirits. Dancer has made it her job to make sure that Santa is always in the mood to deliver presents. Any child who loves dancing and inventing new moves will find Dancer to be a good friend.


Can you guess what makes Dasher special? If you think it's dashing to places quickly, then you're right. Dasher is the fastest reindeer. He loves moving with speed, and his speed is the biggest reason why Santa is able to leave a gift for every child around the world in a single night.

Dasher never likes to settle in one place for very long, except his cozy stable at the North Pole. He loves moving all over the world at top speed, but when he's not in the sky running at high speeds, he's always seated sewing. He often helps Mrs. Claus sew Santa's new coats and vests.


No reindeer is more loving than Cupid. She's always in a cheerful mood and is the reason why all the other reindeer stick together no matter what. Unfortunately, that also means she can be distracting to the other Reindeer and even Santa’s elves because she tells so many stories. She is known to bring people together and make those who are angry at one another make up. Since she loves to spread love and cheer, being part of Santa's sleigh crew is something that makes her feel very proud.


Comet is a handsome reindeer, and everyone admires his good looks. He is easygoing, but also loves to show off, which works like a charm. Children love Comet because he is cool, charming, and fun-loving. Funny enough, Comet's special skill is that he is really good with kids. He loves children, and always helps Santa remember the gift you asked for.


Blitzen is also a fast flyer and always a little jumpy, which makes sense because his name means lightening. He is always ready to move around the world at lightning speed, delivering presents. He is also the one who helps Santa to climb out of the chimney in case he gets stuck. If you want to have fun going at lightning speed, then you should like Blitzen. He's able to easily make people happy and excited, and that's his special skill.


Donner's name means thunder, and this reindeer is not someone to mess with. When he was a young reindeer, Donner was very shy and unsure of himself (just like his son Rudolph!), but with time and practice, he became one of Santa’s strongest fliers. He has a great skill and is a good singer with a beautiful voice. If you like singing, you and Donner can make a great duet.


Everyone knows Rudolph because of his spot at the head of Santa’s Sleigh and his bright red nose. He can make his nose shine, and that provides enough light so that Santa can make it through the dark sky. He's a bit small for a reindeer, but you can never fail to notice him. Even though he was originally picked on by other reindeer for his nose and small size, Rudolph has since become one of the most famous and beloved of Santa’s Reindeer. On Christmas Eve, if you see a red light coming from the living room, then know Santa has arrived.


How does Santa travel all around the world in one night?

Santa travels around the world on Christmas Eve with the help of his magical reindeer.

What are the names of Santa's Reindeer?

Santa's reindeer are named Prancer, Vixen, Dancer, Dasher, Cupid, Comet, Blitzen, Donner, and Rudolph!

Who is the fastest reindeer?

Dasher is the fastest reindeer! Dasher's speed plays a big role in getting Santa around the world in one night.

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