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What is Mrs. Claus' First Name?

Mrs. Claus is the wife of Santa Claus. It is with her help that Santa can bring gifts to all the good little girls and boys. She prepares the toys for her husband and helps him pack them for delivery. Mrs. Claus makes cookies with the elves and prepares Santa's special holiday suit.

What is Mrs. Claus’ First Name?

Mrs. Claus’ first name is Holly, but her friends call her Mother Christmas.

Why Was She Named Holly?

Mrs. Claus was named Holly because she was born on Christmas day. The holly tree is an evergreen tree with beautiful stiff, glossy leaves. Before the plant was hung as a Christmas decoration, it was considered a sacred tree because it remained green and healthy even when other trees wilted in the winter weather. It has clusters of red berries that remain bright all through the year.

Just like the holly tree, Mrs. Claus remains kind and strong all year round. When she was a child, her parents called her Hol.

How Old Is Mrs. Claus?

Mrs. Claus is over 200 years old. Since she is the wife of Santa, the magic of Christmas keeps her alive. She has been married to Santa for a very long time, and they have always been happy together.

When she was a little girl, Mrs. Claus never thought that she would live to be so old. Just like Santa, she grew up helping people. She stood up for other people and always helped her parents with their chores. She feels lucky that the Christmas spirit allows her to continue helping others even when she is so old.

She is a beautiful woman with pretty white hair and rosy cheeks. She wears glasses and speaks in a gentle, loving tone. Those who have met Holly Claus say she is very kind and funny. She likes wearing a heavy red coat to keep her warm at the North Pole.

Is She as Important as Santa Claus?

During Christmas, she helps Santa Claus make the naughty and nice lists. She goes through the letters with Santa and arranges them in alphabetical order. Santa often let’s his workshop get messy, so Mrs. Claus makes sure that no letters are lost.

When the Christmas season is over, Mrs. Claus goes on vacation with her husband. They get very tired from going through all the letters and compiling the naughty and nice lists. After their vacation is over, they go back to planning for the next Christmas.

Mrs. Claus plays a big role in making Christmas possible. Santa's workshop is always busy, and Mrs. Claus helps a lot. She helps the elves make toys and checks Santa's lists twice. Even though she does not travel with Santa to deliver Christmas gifts, she makes Christmas possible.

Because of her kindness, Mrs. Claus also takes care of all the elves and reindeer. She treats them like her children. She makes them soup when they are sick and teaches them right from wrong. The elves enjoy spending time with her and making cookies together.

The next time you receive your Christmas present, remember that it's not just from Santa. Mrs. Claus also helped in making it. Since Christmas is the season of love and thanksgiving, remember to thank her too.



What is Mrs. Claus' first name?

Mrs. Claus' first name is Holly.

Why was Mrs. Claus named Holly?

Mrs. Claus was named Holly after the Holly Tree, which was once sacred because it remained green and healthy in the winter while other trees wilted. Just like the Holly tree, Mrs. Claus remains kind and strong all year round!

What does Mrs. Claus do to help prepare for Christmas?

Mrs. Claus helps out a lot in Santa's workshop. She helps the elves make toys, checks Santa's list twice, arranges Santa's letters in alphabetical order, and takes care of all of the elves and reindeer. Mrs. Claus plays a big role in making Christmas possible!

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