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Who are Rudolph's Friends?

Before Rudolph became a celebrated hero of Christmas, he was often picked on for his size and red nose. Other reindeer would laugh at him, call him names, and wouldn’t let him join in on their favorite games. Since then, Rudolph has made lots and lots of new friends, let’s learn about some of them!

How Did Santa and Rudolph Meet?

Santa has lots of reindeer, but Rudolph stands out among the rest due to his glowing nose. The pair met one Christmas Eve when Santa was on his way to deliver gifts to Rudolph's house. It was cold, foggy, and dark. The fog made Santa's journey harder than normal and he feared he would be unable to deliver every child’s gift before Christmas morning.

Once Santa arrived at Rudolph's house, he noticed his glowing nose, which lit up the reindeer’s dark bedroom. Then, Santa had a thought ⁠— what if Rudolph could help guide him on his flight? Santa kindly asked Rudolph if he would do him such a big favor, and fortunately, Rudolph said yes. At the end of that night, Rudolph went back home feeling happy and proud having helped get Christmas gifts to children around the world.


Aurora is one of the sprites of the North Pole. She and some of the other sprites were flying around the day Rudolph was born, when they met his parents. Aurora thought Rudolph was so cute that she made friends with the whole family!

As Rudolph grew up, his nose helped Aurora in so many ways, and he even saved her and the other sprites when they tripped and fell into a bale of hay. Aurora has stayed a close friend to Rudolph since his childhood.


Clarice was Rudolph's first-ever crush before becoming his girlfriend. Their friendship started when she and some other young deer were watching the Reindeer games. She spotted Rudolph across the ice and blushed. Rudolph noticed her too, and his friend Fireball encouraged him to go and talk to her.

That day Clarice and Rudolph agreed to walk home together after the game, and on their way home, sparks flew when Clarice told Rudolph that she thought he was cute. Their friendship was cemented when Rudolph told Clarice about his glowing nose, and she accepted him anyway. Throughout their friendship, Clarice has been so kind to Rudolph, and she lends a shoulder to cry on when he is sad. A lot has happened in the course of their friendship, but they are there for each other in times of need.


Just like Aurora, Twinkle is among the sprites of the North Pole. She met Rudolph on his first birthday alongside Aurora. Her blue eyes and bright yellow clothes always make her stand out in a crowd. Twinkle has taught Rudolph so much during their friendship and even gives him magic advice!


Glitter was also with Aurora and Twinkle flying around the North Pole when she met Rudolph and his parents. Glitter loves to sing, and her sweet singing voice always puts Rudolph and all the other reindeer in a good mood. This cheerful little Sprite wears bright colors like pink and purple every day and lives to make people happy. She gave Rudolph a lot of help at school and even helped him train before the Reindeer games. She and the other Sprites, Twinkle and Aurora, are always ready to lend Rudolph a helping hand.


Fireball and Rudolph have been best friends since elementary school. They love to run, fly, and play together. These two reindeer always enter the Reindeer games together, and Fireball was the one who encouraged Rudolph to talk to Clarice.

Fireball and Rudolph haven't always been so close, though. When Fireball first saw Rudolph's bright nose, he was scared and told Rudolph to stay away from him. Eventually, Fireball and all the other reindeer took the time to understand that Rudolph was just like them and apologized for being mean. Rudolph is a kind reindeer, so he forgave Fireball and he's so happy he did because now they have such great fun together!


Leonard is a big cuddly polar bear who helps Rudolph during all of his magical missions. Once, he accompanied Rudolph on a mission to save their friend, Zoey, who was trapped in Stormella's fortress. Unfortunately, they were also captured by Stormella, who wanted to stop Santa Claus from giving all the good girls and boys presents.

Thankfully they were all saved by Rudolph's friend Slyly before anything terrible happened. Leonard is one of Rudolph's most trusted friends, and every Christmas Eve, Leonard goes to Santa's Workshop to wish Rudolph luck as he leaves to guide Santa through the snow.


Slyly the artic fox is often one of Rudolph's partners in saving the day. He is mischievous, but always there to save Rudolph when he needs him. Slyly used to be a bit of a trouble maker, but once he met Rudolph, he learned how important kindness is and they became good friends.

Slyly was one of the only ones who never made fun of Rudolph's bright nose. When he first saw the light shining out of Rudolph's nose, they both laughed together. When Rudolph told Slyly of how others made fun of his nose Slyly was sad and comforted him. That is where their friendship began.


Hermey is an elf who met Rudolph in Santa's workshop. Unlike most elves, Hermey does not like making toys and instead dreams of becoming a dentist. At first, Rudolph found it strange that Hermey didn't want to work for Santa, but the two misfits soon became fast friends. Rudolph and Hermey are now great friends who are always there for each other in times of need.

Rudolph is a very funny, kind, and cute reindeer, so he has lots of friends. Some of his other friends are Frosty, Father Time, Happy, Lilly Loraine, Laine Loraine, Zoey, and Milton. Although, Rudolph is always making new friends.



Why does Rudolph stand out from the other reindeer?

Rudolph stands out because of his glowing red nose. Other reindeer used to pick on him for his nose, but now Rudolph has become a celebrated hero of Christmas and has a lot of new friends!

Who is Rudolph's best friend?

Rudolph's best friend since elementary school is Fireball. They love to run, fly, and play together!

Who is Rudolph's girlfriend?

Rudolph's girlfriend is Clarice, who was also his first crush. 

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